Seco’s Latin Cuisine In the News


by Brooke Viggiano | Thrillist

“The Deal: On Sundays from 10am to 3pm, $9.99 endless mimosas will help wash down the all-you-can eat brunch buffet”


Seco’s Latin Cuisine Offers No-Fear Sauces
by Alison Cook  | Houston Chronicle

In a little brick cottage, this low-key surprise excels at fish, chicken dishes and homestyle desserts.

Cream sauces are high on my list of things to avoid in restaurants. Over the years I’ve been afflicted by the sludgy and suffocating — knee-jerk affairs meant to convey the richness that diners often crave but that tamp down the flavors of a dish rather than pointing them up. Read more…

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Seco’s Latin Cuisine: Enjoyable In Any Language
by HBJ Gourmet | Houston Business Journal

Don’t be put off by the name of Seco’s Latin Cuisine. While Seco is a negative adjective (Spanish for dry, dried up, juiceless, withered, meager, plain, indifferent), it’s also the owner’s handle. And you don’t have to know the original language to enjoy Seco Moran’s outstanding and reasonably priced south-of-the-border food. Read more…


Seco’s Latin Cuisine – A Mexican Food Road Not Taken
by Food in Houston – A discussion of restaurants, food stores, dishes, and trends in Houston.

Seco’s Latin Cuisine is a Mexican/European fusion restaurant in Rice Village. The cozy house used to be Cafe Europa. And Chef Seco Moran used to be at Jalapeno’s on Kirby. Read more…

Seco’s Latin Cuisine
by Paul Galvani | Houston Press

Seco Moran, owner of and chef of Seco’s Latin Cuisine, has definitely worked his way up in the business. After moving to Houston from El Salvador in 1980, he worked as a busboy, waiter, line cook, chef and, finally, head chef at Jalapeños. When Jalapeños closed in 2006, Moran bought Cafe Europa near the Village, and for a while, he didn’t alter anything. But he recently changed the name to Seco’s, created a new Latin menu and livened up the decor. Owning his own business has presented its challenges. “It’s much harder owning your own place, because you’re the only one there and everything is your responsibility,” says Seco. “At Jalapeño’s, I was there when it opened until it closed 18 years later, but there was always someone else in charge.” Read more…


Veggie Bites: Seco’s Latin Cuisine
by Houstonist

We love restaurants in cute little houses. They immediately make us feel comfortable and at home, except we don’t have to cook or wash the dishes. And yet, while the quaint brick cottage is one reason we love Seco’s Latin Cuisine, the food is enough to make us forget our surroundings. Read more…

Seco’s Latin Cuisine
by Ted Powers | Jewish Herald-Voice

A number of years ago, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Jalapeños, closed. You may remember them for putting Spinach Enchiladas on most people’s favorites list and also for their famous Sunday brunch. Jalapeños’ great chef, Seco Moran, didn’t waste any time. He opened up a restaurant on Nottingham and called it Europa Café. He’s still there, except he’s changed the name to Seco’s Latin Cuisine and created a new Latin menu. Nottingham is just off of Kirby, one block south of Sunset. It’s easy to find, since it is right behind the Ben & Jerry’s on Kirby. Read more…